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          Dollar per pill

3 Ways to Save Big on Expensive Hepatitis C Medication

Combine a 28 days Hepatitis C Treatment with a Vocation on the Beach and Still Save Money
Cheaper Health Care for Hepatitis C Patients
Arrange Another Way of Saving on Sofosbuvir and Ledispavir with  Us

If you cannot travel and prefer treatment at the comfort of your home we can provide:

Planing, implementation and evaluate patient care.
Focused interview to identify specific patients needs.

Signs and symptoms indicating physiologic and psychosocial changes in the patient’s condition.
Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data and information from you.
Command of the English language.

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sofosbuvir generic medication hepcinat

Hepatitis-C is a terrible illness that affects many people regularly all around the world. Its sufferers often contract the illness during a tough, sometimes reckless, and often regrettable, time of their lives. With the miracles of modern medicine, this illness doesn't need to continue to kill 700,000 people per year, yet it persists. Even among developed nations, especially in the US, greedy pharmaceutical company markups prevent middle and lower class citizens from affording the medication often charging $1000+/pill.

Method #1 - Buying Generic Drugs
This is probably the easiest method, and costs about $1000 and **might** require a prescription. However $1000 or a doctor's prescription can be difficult to come by for many, so you'll be relieved to know that this is by far the most expensive and requirement heavy method for those without insurance. However, if getting $1000 and a doctor's prescription isn't too much of a task for you, it can save you a lot of trouble. It's also the best method medically-speaking because you'll have the supervision of your doctor throughout the process. Although $1000 can seem like a lot if you have nothing, relative to the regular $85,000 - $150,000+ cost of these drugs, $1000 is next to nothing. Nonetheless, there are other methods if this is too difficult to come by. Another advantage to this method is that there is virtually no-risk legally speaking. Although you'll be importing Rx-only drugs, because they aren't narcotics/scheduled, as long as you're only importing a personal amount, the importation falls under the FDA's jurisdiction and not the DEA, and although it's still technically a grey area, there are no known cases of people being prosecuted for importing non-scheduled, non-narcotic prescription drugs for personal use.

Method #2 - Buying Drugs Direct / Powdered Drugs
If you can't get a prescription, can't afford $1000, or have multiple people who need treatment, then this method is likely the best method for you. Instead of buying the pills/tablets that contain these drugs, you can instead go straight to the chemist and buy the drugs inside those pills. In the case of these new hep-C miracle drugs, that usually includes Sofosbuvir, Daclatasvir, Ledipasvir, and Velpatasvir. For example, you can buy 100 grams of Daclatasvir for $300 and 500 grams of Sofosbuvir for $650. For a total of $950, that is enough for 1666 * 60mg Daclatasvir and 1250 * 400mg Sofosbuvir pills. That's enough for 14 12-week treatments of 60mg/400mg Daclatasvir/Sofosbuvir respectively daily, with about 5 12-week treatments of Daclatasvir pills leftover. The Daclatasvir/Sofosbuvir combo has a ~95% cure rate for most genotypes of hep-C. So for $950 you can get treatment for 13-14 people !

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