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Generic Sovaldi promises to have a normal flexible and mobile life for people infected with Hepatitis C again.

Not long ago the new 1000 Dollar Drug for treating chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) Generic Sovaldi, the first protease inhibitor intended for successful cure of HCV, made headlines around the world.

Generic Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir / Hepcinat) is a powerful  polymerase inhibitor to cure genotypes 1 through 4.

Hepcinat is a valuable drug and  has to be taken only once a day. The dosage is 400 mg of generic Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) prescribed with either Ribavirin alone, or with Ribavirin and Interferon (another special treatment course), mostly for 12 to 24 weeks, basing on the genotype as the main indicator of the treatment. Simeprevir in the form of 150 mg, also an oral, a daily taken drug, is advised for 12 weeks in mixture with Ribavirin and Interferon, accompanied by another 24 weeks of Ribavirin and Interferon. Such a combination presents a precious tool for combating Hepatitis C.

 More than 3.2 million individuals are chronically ill with HCV. Nearly 75% of people suffering from the HCV virus will get a chronic infection without treatment

Successful treatment is determined by a stable virologic response (SVR), which means a minimal viral load/serum HCV RNA (ribonucleic acid—the virus’ genetic material) is found after the termination of treatment.

Generic Sovaldi Hepcinat is not only the treatment of choice for Hepatitis C. It costs only a fraction of the so called "Original Gilead" medication.

sofosbuvir generic
                    medication hepcinat

Sofosbuvir, the Thousand Dollar Pill wonder medicine for Hepatitis C that costs $28,000 per 4-week treatment in the US, is now available in India for about $1,000  for the 12 weeks course of treatment.

Great news! Generic Sovaldi is now available at a reduced price!  Get your Generic Sovaldi = Hepcinat from India !
Hepcinat-LP = Ledipasvir + Sofosbuvir is now also avalable from India


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