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        C - do not pay 1000 Dollar per pill

3 Ways to Save Big on Expensive Hepatitis C Medication

Combine a Hepatitis C Treatment Sovaldi with a Vocation on the Beach and Still Save Money
Arrange Another Way of Saving on Sovaldi Generic Sofosbuvir and Ledispavir with  Us

People from  developed countries are now increasingly coming  to third-world countries for medical treatments because of  much lower costs. 
In India every facility of health care, including cancer treatment, neurological treatment, cardiac cases, ophthalmology,  psychiatry, alternative treatments, convalescent care is available.
India has a rich cultural heritage and there is no language barrier for tourists as English is understood here. It is a amazing idea to stay at a tropical paradise in India, and save thousands of $$ while having a life time experience in Goa. In assition there are many affordable and fascinating holiday tours available during your medical treatment.

Sofosbuvir, the Thousand Dollar Pill wonder medicine for Hepatitis C that costs $28,000 per 4-week treatment in the US, is now available in India for about $1,000  for 12 weeks treatment. The patent holder, pharma co. Gilead, announced that it would be selling the drug in India and also giving voluntary licences to seven Indian pharma companies to produce it.
The voluntary licencing makes the drug cheap in India as well as up to 91 countries where the Indian firms are allowed to sell it. But this has come at the cost of these Indian companies agreeing to abandon India's partners in its fight against Big Pharma for access to inexpensive medicines — Brazil, Russia, China, Thailand and many other middle-income countries. The Indian manufacturers will not be allowed to sell Sofosbuvir in these countries.

Under the licensing agreement Cadila Healthcare, Cipla, Hetero Labs, Mylan Laboratories, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Sequent Scientific and Strides Arcolab have the right to develop and market generic versions of SOVALDI = SOFOSBUVIR Hepcinat and a related drug, LEDISPAVIR, in 91 countries.

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